Oct 032012

What could be better than a ninja with his own club? Have the ninja be the DJ!

Club DJ Ninja

As presents I like to make homemade gifts, and coming from me it’s almost always ninja related. I may have outdone myself. John fancies himself a DJ so what better to make for him?  Fully outfitted with the worlds largest disco ball, and an audience of one, which happens to be Herbert, and wall art this is the club to be at! And really I couldn’t have a DJ with out his own club to play.

  It started with the DJ himself, and you really cant have a DJ without the equipment right? A quick trip to the dollhouse section of Hobby lobby helped me find everything I couldn’t make out of clay. Who knew dollhouses were ninjasized?

DJ Ninja

I made the speakers with silver laid over black polymer clay and painted on all the crosshatching.I think that was the tiniest paintbrush I had ever seen. I found a tiny table and painted it black to match the clay top for the deck. I used pieces of floral craft wire to make the needles and attach the records to the deck. These babies even spin!! And what DJ would be ready for his night as the life of the party with out his headphones? All it takes is black craft wire positioned underneath the clay ear pieces  before you bake ‘em.

Happy Birthday!

How can you not have an awesome birthday after you get your own Ninja?

Aug 262012

Yea Yea, I know… Almost a year… What the frig! I’ll be the first to admit I have needed to update for a long time, and as crafty as I am with clay, websites are not my forte’. But, fear not, the ninja making has not stopped and I can’t hide behind lack of knowledge any longer. I must share my Ninjaberries with you! Lets face it, there just too much awesomeness not to share.  And I have at last sold my first ninja!!

My first sale!!

 I know, she’s blurry.. apparently I’m not a photographer either. I am beyond proud to say she now has an awesome life striking fear into innocent bystanders. She was a special order and grenade was a request, and really how can I say no to a little weaponry?

I do, believe it or not, have a shop on etsy. Unfortunately it is currently empty. That will all be changing very soon. I now have an awesome art station in which to craft lots of ninjas to over take the world… But, that’s another post.

Sep 242011

Tomorrow is the AIM at Melanoma 5k walk at MD Anderson cancer center. This will be the first melanoma walk I have ever done. As a survivor, I am so excited to get involved, raise money, and make my family wake up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday. I have the best family ever! Everybody that can walk will be joining in with our own Ninjas ready to kick cancers ass! That’s right we all have our own ninjas! Hand painted and as unique as we are, here comes Team Ninja Berry!!

Team Ninja Berry Shirts

There will be a ton more pics when we all get down to the race with the best team shirts ever.

A huge thank you to everybody who donated, whether time or money, ya’ll are the absolute BEST!!

Before the race

After the race! We made it!!

Jul 272011

That’s right… Ninjas have feelings too. And sometimes that feeling is love. But only sometimes.

Heart String Ninjas

Heart String Ninjas

This is my all time favorite painting EVER… And also the first painting I ever made for my boyfriend, John. He is the one who bought my first supplies to stretch my own canvas, and always told me to go paint whenever I got all “bitchy”.

I Painted this as a Valentine’s Day present for John, and you know me, I even express love with ninjas!! This was one of those  ideas that came outta nowhere, and no matter how, I just had to pull it off.  I hand stretched the canvas, and mixed acrylics like a manic until I created the perfect green(ish). I made him unwittingly pick out his own paint color, which as you see matches mine so well. I even used pink embroydery floss he gave to me for Christmas to make our heartstrings.

I know there is so much sap you wanna gag, but wait theres moooore…..

A little backstory: We split up for a while and during that time I celebrated my 2 year Anticancerversary. I decided on that day I would call him and thank him for everything he did for me, since without him I don’t think I would have made it. I cut all the heartsrings. So once we got back together I told him the meaning behind the phone call, and that Christmas I got pink floss, so we could rebuild our heartstrings.

 All of this creates the perfect masterpiece for us… soaked in sap.





May 182011

Do you ever feel like you need somebody to look out for you? Somebody who has your back no matter what, and isn’t afraid to be the muscle to scare away the meanies?

Herbert and Frank

Herbert and Frank

This is Herbert and Frank, my team of Ninja enforcers. Frank is currently on assignment in John’s office, since he is ready with the nunchucks to put people back in their places.  I still have Herbert, I just can’t bring myself to part with my fearless defender.

Who only uses one medium for their art these days? Not me!! These little guys are my first successful attempt to make my ninjas from Polymer clay, and I am very proud of them. They are sure to be the first of many, I love to make them just so I can give them to people and see how they can kick ass and bring joy to those who keep them.

Apr 182011

So, this is Nunchuck, my latest painted ninja creation. I have to admit I got inspiration for her from the only ninja I have ever purchased, a Christmas present for Alyssa many years ago, and the ones we made together for craft day. It was blogworthy, so you should check it out at frugalstepmom.com.


After years of practice I finally got my hand stretched canvas technique down, and it makes me very proud to say that Nunchuck is completely hand made. (Okay, so I bought the stretcher strips and acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby) She will one day become the logo of my Ninja empire and grace everything from tee shirts to oven mitts, for now she will sit by regally waiting to whack any evil doer in the face…. or you if you don’t watch it!!

Apr 112011
Welcome to my crazy world of Ninjas!!!

Peekaboo Ninja

Meet Peekaboo, the most inquisitive little ninja you could ever have. Watch yourself though, his exterior is pokey and covered in poison. (Well, at least in my imagination.) He is my first hand stretched, hand painted ninja. Made with super heavy black acrylic, he has enough personality to kill you with a single glance…

Big grinch hearts for my most wonderful boyfriend, without him you would not have the joy of seeing the best ninjas ever, and my mindless ramblings. H IONL OVJE!