Oct 032012

What could be better than a ninja with his own club? Have the ninja be the DJ!

Club DJ Ninja

As presents I like to make homemade gifts, and coming from me it’s almost always ninja related. I may have outdone myself. John fancies himself a DJ so what better to make for him?  Fully outfitted with the worlds largest disco ball, and an audience of one, which happens to be Herbert, and wall art this is the club to be at! And really I couldn’t have a DJ with out his own club to play.

  It started with the DJ himself, and you really cant have a DJ without the equipment right? A quick trip to the dollhouse section of Hobby lobby helped me find everything I couldn’t make out of clay. Who knew dollhouses were ninjasized?

DJ Ninja

I made the speakers with silver laid over black polymer clay and painted on all the crosshatching.I think that was the tiniest paintbrush I had ever seen. I found a tiny table and painted it black to match the clay top for the deck. I used pieces of floral craft wire to make the needles and attach the records to the deck. These babies even spin!! And what DJ would be ready for his night as the life of the party with out his headphones? All it takes is black craft wire positioned underneath the clay ear pieces  before you bake ‘em.

Happy Birthday!

How can you not have an awesome birthday after you get your own Ninja?

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