Aug 262012

Yea Yea, I know… Almost a year… What the frig! I’ll be the first to admit I have needed to update for a long time, and as crafty as I am with clay, websites are not my forte’. But, fear not, the ninja making has not stopped and I can’t hide behind lack of knowledge any longer. I must share my Ninjaberries with you! Lets face it, there just too much awesomeness not to share.  And I have at last sold my first ninja!!

My first sale!!

 I know, she’s blurry.. apparently I’m not a photographer either. I am beyond proud to say she now has an awesome life striking fear into innocent bystanders. She was a special order and grenade was a request, and really how can I say no to a little weaponry?

I do, believe it or not, have a shop on etsy. Unfortunately it is currently empty. That will all be changing very soon. I now have an awesome art station in which to craft lots of ninjas to over take the world… But, that’s another post.

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