Jul 272011

That’s right… Ninjas have feelings too. And sometimes that feeling is love. But only sometimes.

Heart String Ninjas

Heart String Ninjas

This is my all time favorite painting EVER… And also the first painting I ever made for my boyfriend, John. He is the one who bought my first supplies to stretch my own canvas, and always told me to go paint whenever I got all “bitchy”.

I Painted this as a Valentine’s Day present for John, and you know me, I even express love with ninjas!! This was one of those  ideas that came outta nowhere, and no matter how, I just had to pull it off.  I hand stretched the canvas, and mixed acrylics like a manic until I created the perfect green(ish). I made him unwittingly pick out his own paint color, which as you see matches mine so well. I even used pink embroydery floss he gave to me for Christmas to make our heartstrings.

I know there is so much sap you wanna gag, but wait theres moooore…..

A little backstory: We split up for a while and during that time I celebrated my 2 year Anticancerversary. I decided on that day I would call him and thank him for everything he did for me, since without him I don’t think I would have made it. I cut all the heartsrings. So once we got back together I told him the meaning behind the phone call, and that Christmas I got pink floss, so we could rebuild our heartstrings.

 All of this creates the perfect masterpiece for us… soaked in sap.





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