Apr 182011

So, this is Nunchuck, my latest painted ninja creation. I have to admit I got inspiration for her from the only ninja I have ever purchased, a Christmas present for Alyssa many years ago, and the ones we made together for craft day. It was blogworthy, so you should check it out at frugalstepmom.com.


After years of practice I finally got my hand stretched canvas technique down, and it makes me very proud to say that Nunchuck is completely hand made. (Okay, so I bought the stretcher strips and acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby) She will one day become the logo of my Ninja empire and grace everything from tee shirts to oven mitts, for now she will sit by regally waiting to whack any evil doer in the face…. or you if you don’t watch it!!

  3 Responses to “Don’t make me use my Nunchuck!!”

  1. I <3 Nunchuck!

  2. Luva da nunchuck! I want a t’shirt…

  3. I really love your ninja creation. Is it the name of your ninja “Nunchuck”? Whatever thanks for your practice. Thanks for sharing this cute ninja. :)

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